The leading management tool for sustainable, safe textile production

CleanChain™ is trusted by the world’s leading suppliers and brands to manage and share their chemical and wastewater information. With ZDHC’s data, standards and reporting built-in, your business is fully prepared to participate and lead in all aspects of a ZDHC implementation.

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Performance InCheck

The leading chemical management suite for textile suppliers and brands

Built for Suppliers. Supported by Brands. Optimised for ZDHC.

Used by facilities, both big and small, CleanChain™ is the world’s leading chemical management suite for textile producers. 

Record it once. Reassure anyone.

CleanChain™ links to widely-accepted chemical and water standards, including the ZDHC MRSL and ZDHC InCheck™. Your chemical stocks, wastewater data and management activities can be instantly transformed into familiar reports that will assure any brand or customer.

Streamlined Data Collection & Workflow

Minimise data entry and duplication using powerful cloud-based features as well as offline templates such as Excel. CleanChain™ enables your team to quickly track and monitor your facility’s chemical movements, test results and documentation with minimal fuss and effort.

Automated Reporting & Disclosure

Generate live dashboards and detailed reports to help manage your facility operations and drive smarter decisions. With ZDHC InCheck™ reporting built-in, you can securely share and disclose information with one click.

The #1 Textile Chemical Database 

CleanChain™ brings industry databases together to automate your processes, including the world’s largest database of textile chemistry, The ZDHC Gateway. With daily feeds from over 1000 chemical companies, 25+ testing firms, and the latest requirements from the biggest global brands, your team will be up-to-date and the first to know.

Secure Data Management & Sharing

CleanChain™ provides you with the control, privacy and security you expect to ensure your business information is protected and only shared with those you choose. And with permission-based access across your own supply chain, you can get the same information from your subcontractors automatically.

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