GSM Global Sustainable Management GmbH

Training, guidelines, online coaching to handle chemicals and materials safely

Capacity building, consultancy, impact assessment and online solutions to safeguard products and chemical input and output in textile and leather supply chains. Trusted by retailers and brands since 2003.

Services ProvidED:
ZDHC Accredited Training

Develop and strengthen skills and knowledge for a sustainable and responsible handling of chemicals

Practical long-term experience transferred to classroom trainings, remote learning and coaching tools targeted for all tiers of the supply chain:

  • ZDHC training
  • Input and Output Assessment 
  • Root-cause analysis 
  • chemical management practices

The textile and leather industries need to know and manage the hazards and compliance of chemicals in a variety of products and formulations. GSM provides capacity building based on ZDHC training modules or individual learning and coaching concept to support retailers, brands and manufacturers to:

  • implement chemical management practices
  • verify test results (wastewater, input chemicals, residues) 
  • create or maintain chemical and material inventories
  • assess chemicals and materials on conformity
  • analyse the root-cause in case of failures  

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