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We drive the global implementation of holistic solutions that work. Your organisation can benefit, and so can our planet.

The Implementation HuB Team

Amsterdam based, globally focussed

Andy Chen
Supplier to Zero Product Director
Astrid Lyssens
Implementation Associate
Claudia Haverman
Sr. Implementation Associate
Francesca Gruni
Implementation Manager
Geert van den Hoek
Implementation Manager
Klaas Nuttbohm
Implementation Director
Mariella Noto
Sr. Implementation Manager
Philip Chung
Implementation Manager
Sinem Akkocaoğlu
Implementation Associate
Elisangela Rodrigues De Alencar

Operations Manager
Elisangela manages our daily operations, and the ongoing analysis of organisational processes to improve quality, productivity and efficiency. She has previously worked in the tourism, fashion, food and technology sectors. Her list of skills includes negotiation, management, and recruitment.

Klaas Nuttbohm

Implementation Director
Klaas connects ZDHC committed brands and international organisations with the ZDHC platforms and solutions. He oversees project management on implementing ZDHC’s Chemical Management System for our partners. He works on building the IHUB’s network of solution providers and experts and support ZDHC’s Leaders to Zero Programmes. Klaas has a strong track record in social and environmental sustainability. Klaas also represents the Implementation Hub on the ZDHC Foundation Management Team.

Mariella Noto

Implementation Sr. Manager
Mariella handles the evolution of the ZDHC Academy, She also drives capacity building and ZDHC implementations across the Benelux. With substantial, industry-relevant experience of social and environmental sustainability, Mariella previously worked as a CSR and supply chain management consultant.

Philip Chung

Implementation Manager  
Philip handles the development of the Supplier to Zero Programme and the ZDHC Academy. In his previous role at the ZDHC Foundation, he turned Focus Areas and Task Team concepts into deliverables. Philip has also been part of SGS, where he worked on the ZDHC and Detox initiatives.

From our director

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Christina Raab
director, Implementation Hub

making good chemical management a reality

We want to connect up the efforts of a diverse industry, get everyone moving in the same direction, and support their ambition to do things better.

And we've got all the ingredients to succeed:

solutions - expertise - support

Every day we put these three to work.

Our solutions drive good chemical management.
Our expert partners bring best practice to life.
Our support keeps everything on track.

We dive into every aspect of chemical management, in every corner of the world. This empowers the industry to change, adapt, and take control of its future.


contributing to the SDG goals

ZDHC has expanded the industry's chemical management focus from product safety to production safety (from outputs to inputs). It also leverages big brands’ purchasing power to cut the cost of safer alternatives. By spreading the use of ZDHC's platforms and solutions. The Implementation HUB drives safer chemical management - worldwide.

This joint effort is detoxing the industry and helps to achieve the UN's SDG goals (especially SDGs 3, 4, 6, 9, 12, 13,  14, 15, and 17).

How do we do it?

By working from the ground up, the Implementation HUB has a meaningful impact on global supply chains.

The focus of our work is global, but activities are carried out in the context of the local country.

Organisations can access the best services locally, which increases the success of each implementation.

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