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A supplier’s roadmap to sustainable chemical management leadership


Suppliers take ownership in implementing the leading sustainable chemical management system

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The philosophy

of Supplier to Zero


Sustainable chemical management in supply chains is essential for your business success and future.

Auditing suppliers is not enough. The supply chain cannot improve by measuring its impact. The industry needs implementation tools for change. 

Supplier to Zero empowers supply chain partners. As a brand or a leading manufacturer you can invite your suppliers at all levels. Supplier to Zero will bring them up to speed on implementation of the industry’s leading chemical management system. 

The Programme’s Foundational Level provides suppliers with an entry gate to the ZDHC Chemical Management System. They learn how to implement ZDHC guidelines, platforms and solutions. Supplier to Zero is connected to the ZDHC Gateway - the industry’s database of chemicals to use.  

Advanced suppliers demonstrate their performance and leadership in the Progressive and Aspirational Levels.

A suppliers' journey


ZDHC enables suppliers to take ownership of their improvement and their chemical management performance. Learn what a Brand or association can do here.

Step 1

Register for free

You don't have access to the ZDHC Gateway, yet? All you need to do is fill in the form here. Our team will be in touch with you and provide you with your account to both platforms - ZDHC Gateway and Supplier to Zero.

Step 3

Start your evaluation

Benchmark your company’s set-up against the ZDHC Chemical Management System and industry best practices. Find out where you can improve and unlock respective recommendations.

Step 5

Use ZDHC guidance sheets

Get access to the ZDHC guidance sheets to improve on particular topics. You can find these attached to relevant recommendations or in the library section. The guidance sheets are based on industry best practices and the ZDHC CMS Technical Industry Guide.

Step 2

Set your profile

First, go to the ZDHC Gateway to set up your supplier profile. Based on the information keyed in that profile, the content of the Supplier to Zero Programme filters the relevant information and customises the content for you. 

Step 4

Unlocked recommendations

The recommendations page is your customised “improvement roadmap”. The ZDHC recommendations provide you with a comprehensive 1-2-3 step guide of how you can improve. The steps are linked to guidance sheets that provide details on each of the steps. 

platform features

Learning sustainable chemical management has never been easier. The platform provides suppliers with what they need to start improving.




Guidance sheets


Foundational Certificate

From our director

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Christina Raab
director, Implementation Hub

benefits of
Supplier to Zero

  • A streamlined approach to sustainable chemical management - from the entry to the expert level
  • A toolbox for realising your potential, increasing your production efficiency and reducing your risk
  • Works on all tiers, customised content for dye-houses, tanneries, material suppliers, footwear factories and textile assembly (CMT, RMG)
  • Invite your suppliers to use the platform, too - free access to Foundational Level and the ZDHC Gateway
  • Reduce the negative impacts on the environment, workers and communities
  • Gain visibility on the ZDHC DETOX.Live platform with the Supplier to Zero certificate for Foundational, Progressive or Aspirational Level


Being part of the Supplier to Zero Programme offers a unique opportunity to highlight your organisation as a future-focussed industry leader. Your ZDHC implementation performance will be certified at three different levels:

Level 1


 By concluding the Foundational Level you demonstrate your awareness of both ZDHC chemical management and how to implement ZDHC solutions.

Level 2


By completing a performance review you can demonstrate continuous improvement at the Progressive Level.

Level 3


Help to design and continuously improve ZDHC’s solutions and be at the forefront of innovation in safer chemical management.

What can Supplier to Zero do for your business?

Although the platform is built for suppliers’ success,
there are benefits for everyone!

Supplier to Zero helps you to realise your potential. Identify areas of improvement in sustainable chemical management and reduce risks and costs associated with outdated practices. Qualify your company for the future! 

The Foundational Level is based on the ZDHC Chemical Management Framework and comes with more than 150 hands-on industry standard and best-practice guidance sheets. The ZDHC recommendations provide a structured implementation plan for improvements with indicators for the required investment or effort and the expected payback time.

Use the ZDHC certificates to demonstrate progress towards your customers and the industry. Move on to the Progressive and Aspirational Levels to position your company amongst the industry leaders.

The biggest opportunities for improvement lie in your supply chains. Measuring the impact is not enough, we need to act now to reduce it. Supply chains offer the best leverage to reduce ecological footprints and successfully master sustainability goals. 

The ZDHC Supplier to Zero online platform offers support for implementation for purpose. Suppliers are empowered to systematically implement ZDHC best practises. Thereby suppliers can significantly reduce risks in chemical processes while unleashing efficiency gains. Sustainable chemical management in supply chains is best for products, workers and the environment.

Supplier to Zero, in combination with the other ZDHC platforms, enables easy supply chain roll-out. It doesn’t matter if you are new to chemical management or if circularity is already your mission. The platforms ensure that your suppliers are provided with the support they need for the future of your business.

Get in touch with the Implementation HUB team.

Development agency projects address the challenges production countries face related to chemical and water management. The Supplier to Zero Programme can be at the core of a development project to provide an answer on how to improve chemical management to industry standard levels and beyond.

By connecting your project to the expectations of the industry, Supplier to Zero will bring a high impact to your project and with this make it truly meaningful. Supplier to Zero frees up your resources for on-site support, where you can use the ZDHC Academy or our network of approved experts. 

Contact us to learn how to get access to Supplier to Zero and more of our solutions, guidelines and platforms.

How it all connects

The ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme

If you decide to become a ZDHC Signatory Brand, next to Brands to Zero, you can utilise all of ZDHC platforms, guidelines and solutions, and gain access to our broad network of top experts in the industry.

Managing chemical inputs is key to safer products, cleaner water and fresher air. The Input Focus Area is the cornerstone of the work we do. More info.

Good procedures and best practices are vital to reduce the environmental impact of production. This Focus Area helps organisations to put these elements in place. More info.

Outputs prove the effectiveness of safer inputs and processes. It does so by measuring indicators like wastewater, sludge and air quality. More info.

As ZDHC implementation partner, the Implementation HUB supports organisations all over the world, by offering the solutions, training and experts they need to put good chemical management in motion. More info.

The global, go-to training platform for sustainable chemical management. This established centre of academic and practical expertise educates the industry. More info.

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