4sCHEM+ by YMPACT Srl Società Benefit

For a supply chain sustainable chemistry

4sCHEM+ is the first for-benefit digital platform - powered by YMPACT Srl - to enable ZDHC InCheck Reports and implement the ZDHC Supplier To Zero Programme. A unique solution integrated with the 4sustainability® Framework to go beyond Foundational Level of implementation.

Services ProvidED:
Performance InCheck

For a supply chain sustainable chemistry

The Solution Provider 

From Process Factory sustainability implementation expertise as a ZDHC Approved Training Provider and The ID Factory Certified B-Corp traceability and IT skills comes Ympact Srl Società Benefit, an innovative provider for the growth and scalability of the 4sustainability® framework.

Thanks to the experience gained by Process Factory as a consulting company to support the ZDHC implementation through the CHEM 4sustainability® protocol, the 4sCHEM+ Platform was born to guide the supply chain in the implementation of the ZDHC sustainable chemical management system and Supplier to Zero Programme, and analize the chemical inventory performances through different reports.

The Platform

4sCHEM+ is an easy-to-use Platform, connected with the ZDHC Gateway: it allows you to evaluate your chemical inventory, improve it and generate official ZDHC Performance InCheck Reports via the Gateway to communicate the inventory conformance to the ZDHC MRSL with the Brand.

With a few simple steps, you can analyse your inventory and get your Report:

  • Map your chemicals
  • Enter them in the 4sCHEM+ Platform
  • 4sCHEM+ will verify the MRSL conformance in the Gateway via the ZDHC Performance InCheck Report
  • Evaluate for improvement via the 4sCHEM actions


Our team of textile, leather and luxury goods experts at Process Factory is always available to help you evaluate and improve your inventory as well as providing support in the implementation of the ZDHC Chemical Management System, aligned with the ZDHC the Supplier to Zero Programme.

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