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Consulting services

Sustainable Textile Solutions (STS), a member of BluWin Ltd, boasts an international team of experts partnering with brands, production units, industry organisations and NGOs to bring circularity and environmental strategies alive.

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ZDHC Accredited Training

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BluWin - High Impact Climate Solutions

Consulting services

Having decades of experience in wet-processing, our consulting services help customers reduce the environmental footprint from textile, leather, apparel and footwear production. 


Having the right skills and knowledge is imperative to succeed in your role.  The BluWin Academy holds a broad range of ZDHC centric face-to-face training sessions and affordable online courses which are accessible anywhere and anytime. 

ZDHC Level 3 MRSL v.2. Conformance Certifications 

  • Confirm chemical product claims regarding ZDHC MRSL 2.0 conformance
  • Get a health check on the robustness of your internal system and processes to produce Level 3 conformant chemistry consistency, lot over lot
  • Achieve manufacturing excellence
  • Increase confidence of your clients, who can procure MRSL 2.0 conformant chemicals confident



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