BVE3 by Bureau Veritas

A solution to analyse the chemical inventory and help get a ZDHC InCheck report

A ZDHC recognised digital solution to analyse a chemical inventory for its compliance and to help obtain a ZDHC InCheck Report. Enables companies to understand chemical controls and helps in the mission to advance towards Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals.

Services ProvidED:
Performance InCheck

BVE3 is developed and managed by Bureau Veritas, a Global Leader in Supply Chain Sustainability Solutions.

BVE3 is developed and managed by Bureau Veritas, a Global Leader in Supply Chain Sustainability Solutions. BVE3 addresses the challenges of how to better understand hazardous chemical control in your supply chain. In addition, BVE3 enables you to easily identify hazardous chemicals and offers support towards eliminating their discharge.

BVE3 supports good chemical management activities in various ways:

  • Helps brands and factories to manage the chemical inventory, obtain a ZDHC InCheck Report and find areas for continuous improvement to achieve the mission of Zero Discharge.
  • Based on pollutant release and transfer register (PRTR) and mass balance principles, constructs realistic wastewater discharge scenarios for hazardous substances.
  • Systematic mechanism evaluates factories’ discharge potential of priority / hazardous chemicals based on monthly upload of chemical information.
  • Helps identify factories’ potential discharge risk on a continuous basis.
  • Works in combination with chemicals screening, testing and factory audit.
  • Avoids reliance on one-time screening of materials, chemicals and discharge.

Critically, the number and amount of hazardous substances in the chemical inventory and discharge create 3 indexes that help measure your supply chain’s chemical management performance and enable optimisation:

Transparency Index

Measurement of declared chemicals within a chemical inventory as well as the quality of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

Greener Chemical Usage Index

Proportion of declared chemicals known to be FREE from hazardous substances.

Clean Emission Index

The level of hazardous substance-free discharge during the manufacturing process.

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