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Centrocot has been providing business solutions to the textile industry leaders for decades, evolving and adapting its laboratories to reach the highest market demands. Centrocot Training Way is an innovative system of courses and classes, specifically designed by textile professionals to meet the needs of their own industry.

Services ProvidED:
ZDHC Accredited Training

The compass rose for international textile industry leaders in terms of compliance analysis, performance, safety and innovation.

Innovation, sustainability and safety

Centrocot has decades of experience in supporting textile companies in the development of innovative and tailor-made solutions.

Innovation, sustainability and safety are the core values of our research and analysis centre and we are committed to being your all-round reference for the achievement of ZDHC objectives.

All-round support in achieving your sustainability goals

As ZDHC Accredited Training Providers, at Centrocot we directly arrange training courses for companies in chemical and wastewater management, including sludge. In order to support the implementation of the ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines and to ensure a consistent level of quality for wastewater and sludge test data, Centrocot has been approved as one of ZDHC official laboratories. Thus, customers can refer directly to our company for 360° support on the implementation of the ZDHC guidelines.

Complementarily to an extensive selection of training programmes and certifications, our centre provides design and innovation support, thanks to a cutting-edge R&D department, as well as analysis services for sustainability, quality, safety, comfort and performance.

We support companies in the implementation of the Chemical Management System and, in addition, our OEKO-TEX® department can issue the ECOPASSPORT certificate that allows companies to reach Level 1, 2 and 3 of ZDHC Gateway.

Our laboratory and certification activities allow us to be strongly familiar with ZDHC thematics and to develop precise training courses for specific needs.

Tailor-made solutions in training and analysis

Let our experts draw the right path for your goals and needs. We can guide you just a few steps or all the way.

We either offer a complete programme of both training and screening tests or a modular approach to address more specific needs.

Contact us on enrico.gedi@centrocot.it

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