C-UTS “One-Stop Solution Provider”

CNTAC Testing Services Co., Ltd (short for C-UTS) has been serving the textile industry since 2002, providing chemical management testing, certification, consulting and training services for many textile companies, helping companies or corporation reduce the use of hazardous chemicals with rich experience in reducing hazardous chemicals residual in textile, footwear, leather products and in the output to environment.

Services ProvidED:
ZDHC Accredited Training

C-UTS “One-Stop Solution Provider”

About  C-UTS

C-UTS  (Quanzhou laboratory) is a ZDHC Accepted Laboratory. We have a professional chemical management team dedicated to eliminating harmful chemicals from the textile supply chain, tailor-made chemical management solutions for enterprises, and help enterprises use chemicals more safely.

C-UTS was founded in 2002. After nearly 20 years of development, C-UTS has 9 branch laboratories in China's major textile industry clusters, such as Beijing,  Guangdong, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian, Shandong and so on, covering the vast majority of China's textile supply chain. C-UTS aims to provide comprehensive supply chain quality management, guarantee for textile and light industry enterprises. Its business scope covers ten major fields,  including:

  • textile and light industry product testing
  • technical support testing
  • technical personnel training
  • laboratory information services
  • enterprise quality management system construction consultation
  • R&D
  • certification services
  • environmental assessment.

C-UTS supports ZDHC’s vision of widespread implementation of sustainable chemistry, driving innovations and best practices in textile, apparel and footwear industries to protect consumers, workers and the environment.

C-UTS  is committed to supporting the textile and footwear industry to improve its chemical management in production and provides robust and holistic solutions for chemical and environmental management across the supply chain. Besides being a ZDHC Accepted Certification Standard for ZDHC MRSL testing, C-UTS is also an Accredited Training Provider (ATP) in the ZDHC Academy and an Accepted Wastewater Laboratory.

Our Trainers will conduct interactive ZDHC training sessions with practical examples, covering the frequent issues that manufacturers face during daily business activities.

These training sessions aim to equip brands and suppliers with skills for chemical management, risk assessments and ways to reduce environmental impact through controlling and treating wastewater discharge from factories.

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