ZDHC approved InCheck Verifier to enhance transparency

Working closely with ZDHC, IMPAQ undertakes the mission of assisting brands and factories in the fashion industry to pave the way for sustainable chemical management. To protect the environment by minimizing the discharge of hazardous chemicals.

Services ProvidED:
Verified InCheck

ZDHC approved InCheck Verifier to enhance transparency

Every Small Step towards Sustainability Makes  Positive Impact to The World

How do we verify it

In the InCheck Report Verification program, IMPAQ  helps you to ensure the overall accuracy and completeness of the supplier’s  Performance InCheck Report by doing so:

  • review and evaluate individual  chemical products in a supplier’s chemical inventory;
  • conduct spot check and on-site  verification in detail on the chemical labels, sds, purchase record, receipt  record, usage record, etc.


By verifying your Performance InCheck Report, you could:

  • Enhance the confidence in the supplier’s Performance InCheck Reports;
  • Ensure the transparency of a supplier’s Chemical Inventory List;
  • Identify areas of improvement to make for chemical management;
  • Trace out the root cause of non-conformity to ZDHC wastewater guidelines parameter.

What can we do

  • test on harmful chemicals
  • conduct on-site assessment
  • technical  consultant

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