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Indigo Quality Management Consultancy Plc. provides consultancy and training service for quality management systems development and implementation, environmental, chemical, social compliance and sustainability requirements. We also conduct environmental, chemical, and social compliance audits and assessments with the aim of continual improvement focused on achievement and promotion of Sustainable Development Goals.

Services ProvidED:
ZDHC Accredited Training

Training and Consultancy Services

IndiGo Quality Management Consultancy Plc. was established with the objective of providing effective solutions for training and consultancy needs of our valued customers.  There is an abundance of expertise, knowledge, and skill-sets embedded in individuals in Ethiopia and IndiGo Quality Management Consultancy provides a broad range of services in Training and Consultancy in the following fields:

Sustainability (Environmental and Social Compliance, Resource Efficiency, Circular Economy)

• System implementation

• System auditing

• Project management

• Accreditation

• Standardisation

• Conformity Assessment (Testing, Metrology, Certification, Inspection)

• Research and Development


All training courses are specifically designed to provide structured learning starting from fundamental principles and advancing to the level of understanding that is necessary to achieve the course objectives.  Each course makes use of a variety of learning tools, which include instructions, videos, scenarios, role-playing, discussion, exercise examples, group work, reviews and examination.  Emphasis is placed on individual and practical group-work so that participants can apply the knowledge gained and master the subject during training. The major training categories are:

• Sustainability

• Accreditation

• Standards (System and compliance standards)

• Metrology

• Testing

• Certification

• Inspection

• Management systems (QMS, EMS, EnMS, CMS etc.)

• Technical Regulation

• Soft skills


IndiGo Quality Management consultants are available for direct assignments in their respective fields of expertise.  Each consultant has extensive experience in providing consultancy to organisations for the establishment and implementation of quality system solutions and each has extensive experience in accreditation of laboratories within their respective technical fields.

Our consultants are experts in concept development, implementation and entrenchment of:

• Quality Management Systems (QMS, EMS, CMS, EnMS, STeP)

• Laboratory Operational & Quality Systems

• Textile Facility Operational & Quality Systems

• Sustainability and Compliance Standards, Resource Efficiency, Circular Economy, Cleaner Production


Name: Theodros Zekarias


Tel.: +251-91-166-0334

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