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JFIS Technologies – ZDHC Approved InCheck Verifier

JFIS is the ZDHC Approved InCheck Verifier, promoting efficient control & compliance in chemical management field as well as in social, environmental, fire safety, sustainability, building safety through assisting, monitoring, evaluation & improvement to our fashion & luxury Industry in line with current market standards.

Services ProvidED:
Verified InCheck

JFIS – ZDHC Approved InCheck Verifier

We help you in getting confidence to  your operation free from any hazardous chemical at input level instead of  output level. Better chemical sustainability is achieved through verification  of Supplier performance InCheck report which can be done through demonstrating  purchasing practices, chemical inventory, chemical usage in production which  help ultimately to minimises risk health, improve worker safety, and limit  the impact on the environment.  

  1. Conduct InCheck Verification according to standards
  2. Help you understand ZDHC requirement to build your credibility
  3. Give technical assistance to comply with the requirements
  4. Identify Areas of Improvements
  5. Provide training where required

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