Leadership & Sustainability

Leadership & Sustainability delivers a broad spectrum of sustainability training, consulting as well as audit services

Leadership & Sustainability delivers a broad and deep spectrum of training, consulting as well as audit and verification in the sustainability area. L&S offers solutions over the entire value chain and supply chain networks for instance our SAC-related services.

Services ProvidED:
ZDHC Accredited Training

Leadership and Sustainability’s service spectrum

Leadership & Sustainability offers a broad and deep spectrum of sustainability solutions. To promote sustainable organisations and transform our world into one that is sustainable is a significant challenge that we embrace as an organisation.

We engage to understand how to change business models and corporate strategies to implement sustainability – business ethics, environment, social issues and community outreach.

We support corporations and organisations that embed and integrate sustainability into business processes. We believe that sustainability must be inserted into the DNA of the organisation in order to truly achieve sustainable results. 

Our training services: 

  1. We offer face-to-face trainings and have launched an extensive webinar programme on various topics (Strategy, Higg Index, ZDHC etc.).
  2. We are a ZDHC Accredited Training Provider offering webinar training based on the ZDHC Chemical Management System Guidance Manual framework.
  3. We provide ZDHC training in English, French and Turkish (for example the webinar training ‘ZDHC Top 10 Issues and Best Practices’).
  4. We are an approved Higg FEM as well as SLCP Trainer Body.
  5. We know the Higg Index inside out and offer training about all its modules: BRM – Brand and Retail Module, FEM – Facility Environmental Module, FSLM – Facility Social and Labor Module, MSI – Materials Sustainability Index and PM – Product Module.
  6. We are happy to develop an individual training programme for you; for instance, supplier trainings as part of your chemical management or Higg FEM improvement programmes. 

Additional Services: 

  1. We are an approved Higg FEM as well as SLCP Verifier Body and offer both on-site and off-site verifications and audits.

We offer customised consulting services, supporting you with your chemical management as part of your sustainability strategy and guide you on making improvements.

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