Panta Rei Srl - Water Solutions

A specialised partner who designs, implements and maintains water, wastewater and recovery plants.

Panta Rei Water Solutions designs, installs and carries out the start-up of water and wastewater treatment plants all over the world, from Latin America to South East Asia, passing through North Africa and the Middle East. Local agents and workshops, along with dedicated after sales and maintenance services are just some of the advantages.

Services ProvidED:
ZDHC Accredited Training

SERVICE PROVIDED: Water Treatment Solutions and training on WWTP’s management.

As a ZDHC Accredited Training Provider, Panta Rei strives to share the experience and knowledge on wastewater treatment plant management and available technologies with all the members of the supply chain, in order to create a synergy and improve the water management cycle together. Through virtual and in-person sessions, our goal is capacity building in order to assess all the possible solutions related to the water and wastewater treatment, especially in the textile industry, promoting best practices and identifying the best possible solutions for each type of textile process, depending also on the overall environmental and geographical context where the production units are located. For this reason, our training sessions are also customised.

Panta Rei has designated the R&D activities as one of our focus areas in order to enhance existing technologies, develop new alternatives and report the results.

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