Process Factory Srl

ZDHC approved Courses: open and private sessions

Process Factory is the first Italian provider approved by ZDHC for chemical management training and the first ZDHC Italian Approved Solution Provider specialized in supporting the transformation of global business models towards sustainability.

Services ProvidED:
ZDHC Accredited Training

Sustainable Business Makers

Thanks to Process Factory experience in supporting the ZDHC roadmap implementation through the CHEM 4sustainability® protocol, we have been approved as ZDHCTraining Provider and ZDHC InCheck Verifier.

4sustainability®is a registered trademark that guarantees the sustainability performances of the fashion & luxury supply chain through an innovative framework aligned with the best methodologies and standards, based on 6 key-initiatives.

As ZDHC Training Provider, we regularly collaborate with ZDHC for the development of new face-to-face and online courses.

Since 2016, Process Factory has been organising dozens of highly professional sessions at both basic and advanced levels. The international certificate of Chemical Management issued directly by ZDHC on passing the final exam has a validity of two years.

There are five types of sessions thatProcess Factory is currently organising thanks to its unique experience in the classroom and the field: 

  1. Introduction to Chemical Management
  2. Introduction to Chemical Management for Leather Tanneries
  3. Top 10 Issues & Best practices
  4. Wastewater Management
  5. ZDHC CMS TIG (Chemical Management System Technical Industry Guide)

The duration and format of each session depends on the way in which it is administered: 4 or 8 hours in a single day for classroom-based sessions, two-and-a-half-hour slots spread over three consecutive days for remote sessions.

Next to the normal training sessions, Process Factory also offers, tailor-made, private sessions for individual organisations. These sessions can be organised face-to-face or as remote training sessions and are reserved exclusively for the organisation’s staff and/or suppliers. These sessions are hosted on the ZDHC Academy platform and can only be accessed by people indicated by the company. The agenda is then defined in close collaboration with Process Factory. 

This is an opportunity which not only allows the training to be calibrated to specific goals but also permits the direct involvement of company suppliers, maximising the advantages that only a process shared between the various components of the supply chain can really guarantee.

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