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Concrete support for continuous improvement

The Ritex Solutions area provides the Customer with multiple services and tailor-made projects that aim at the continuous improvement by focusing on two main issues: Sustainability and Legal compliance. By adopting a Technical-Scientific approach, it is able to support the Customer with competence and reliability through continuous updating and implementation of concrete tools.

Services ProvidED:
ZDHC Accredited Training

Services and Tools for Sustainable Processes and Products


RTX Chemical Sustainability Management Systems® protocol is an operation tool that allows companies in the fashion and apparel sector to guarantee the chemical safety of the manufacturing process and finished product in compliance with REACH regulation and in line with ZDHC goals (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals).

The companies that adopt the protocol can thus certify their commitment and competence in the issues of Chemical Sustainability by communicating with truthfulness and transparency (RTX Certificate) the path taken to achieve the objectives. The RTX Chemical Sustainability Management Systems® protocol is also a recognised tool for the control of the Supply Chain by Brands.


By Your Side® is an integrated service that provides for the adoption of a control plan designed according to the customer’s needs which guarantees chemical safety, performance qualities of the finished products and, at the same time, control over reliability of suppliers.

Furthermore, By Your Side combines continuous updating with communication tools in order to give the right visibility to the commitment and responsibility of the company.


These services are designed to give support and value to each Client’s projects. Ritex researches and develops solutions for product enhancement by taking into account the main requirements of the sector such as regulatory updates, compliance with international market requirements and REACH Regulation, compliance to Brands MRSL and PRSL.

Technical-regulatory updating and training courses are organised for the textile and apparel companies (e.g. courses on REACH regulation, Sustainability in Fashion Industry, textile technology, labelling, foreign markets requirements and much more).


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