Synergy Corp.

Creating Synergy, Accelerating Efficiency

Synergy Corp. is a business management consulting firm that helps organizations meet international standards & compliances by giving training and consultancy services. Our consultancy service is supported by risk management solutions, organizational development solutions, operational & process enhancement solutions, and auditing tools. We believe that by complying with international standards, businesses can create a quality of life, create the best experts, create safety, and solve problems differently in everything that they offer. We make standards easy to understand and implement effectively.

Services ProvidED:
ZDHC Accredited Training

Management System Consulting

Our Services:

1. Management System Consulting: We help organizations implement  management system standards and support the certification and maintenance of  their management system. Our consultancy service prepares organizations for  management system certification programs by helping them closely to implement  different international standards that help to speak a common language with  the world about customer satisfaction, quality, consistency, effectiveness  & efficiency throughout the organization. Popular standards that we  consult on:

  • ISO  9001 Quality Management System
  • ISO  14000 Environmental Management System
  • ISO  22000 Food Safety Management System
  • ISO  45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System
  • ISO  18788 Security Operations Management System
  • ISO  21001 Educational Organizations Management System
  • ISO  27001 Information Security Management System
  • ISO  22301 Business Continuity Management System
  • ISO  50001 Energy Management System
  • and other more

2. Industry Specific Standard &  Compliances Consulting: study,  analyze and create a strategy to implement the industry-specific standards,  buyer compliances, countries' market requirements, social compliances &  sustainable development solutions to our client's processes and help them  comply with the requirements effectively and efficiently.

  • CMS,
  • WRAP,  
  • KOSHER,  
  • TAPA-FSR  (Facility Security Requirement),
  • TAPA-TSR   (Transport  Security Requirement)
  • and other more.

3. Organizational Development: We identify potential improvement areas  in every interaction & engagement with our clients and study, analyze,  design & implement solutions that suit our client’s contexts in the most  creative, efficient & effective way.    

4. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM): We help organizations to discover,  interpret, prepare, and capitalize on strategic & operational risks and  create a simplified framework for their people to manage their risks.

5. Auditing: We support our clients to have a value-adding  evaluation methodology for their management system and process performance by  creating capable internal auditors and supporting their auditing process with  our international auditors.

6. Training: We assess and identify proper training  needs for our clients and conduct unique training on international standards  & compliances, induction/awareness training, to implement our solutions,  and different technical & soft skills training. Our training packages  include:

  • ZDHC  – CMS training programs
  • Management system standards training programs
  • Sector specific standards &  compliances training programs
  • Risk management training programs
  • Management system auditing training programs
  • Organizational development training programs
  • Technical skill training programs
  • Special training programs for women

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