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On the road to sustainable management, companies need clearly defined goals and a concept for how to achieve them - tasks that TÜV Rheinland has been solving competently and professionally for over 150 years now. Our tests, assessments, training and certifications set standards in many industries worldwide.

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Verified InCheck

DetoXpert Services by TÜV Rheinland

From the very start of the product lifecycle through to the end, sustainability efforts and environmental goals impacts decisions around the use of raw materials, market access and, increasingly, end of life.

TÜV Rheinland DetoXpert - InCheck solutions are an important cornerstone of our engagement with the fashion supply chain to help them achieve their sustainability and environmental goals through training, testing, assessments and audits.

Our team of experts can help you evaluate, verify and improve your MRSL conformance of your chemical inventory.

With our DetoXpert Services, we can also assist you with the implementation of the ZDHC Chemical Management System, which is aligned with the ZDHC Supplier to Zero Programme.

Verified InCheck Services in a better and faster way with our partner BHive

Sustainable Consumption Requires Assurances

The ZDHC Performance InCheck Report is based on chemical inventory uploaded by a supplier through a ZDHC-approved third party platform. It is important to note that inventory details uploaded are not verified or validated through a third-party.

In a few simple steps, suppliers can analyze their inventory and receive their report.

  1. Identify the chemicals you use
  2. Verify conformance with the MRSL
  3. Start Assessment of conformance with TÜV Rheinland InCheck Verification
  4. Take follow-up action if necessary

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