How to become an Implementation Partner

Scale up your expertise and solutions by being an Approved Partner.


Seamlessly integrate your services with ZDHC's implementation tools and guidance. We provide our Partners with data and solution infrastructure. Accelerate your business and get the key to gain new customers by becoming an approved Roadmap to Zero Implementation Partner.

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A guided path for the industry


When it comes to safer chemical management, we know that the industry has the potential to achieve a lot.

But to unleash this potential and have a real impact, clear guidance and qualified support are needed - for every organisation. This will help to navigate through the vast amount of information out there while identifying the most suitable solutions.

To maximise the impact, we scale our efforts with our Implementation Partners who have the know-how - based on years of expertise and ZDHC knowledge - to fast-track chemical management programmes.


Solutions for the industry


Approved Experts are supporting brands and facilities, with years of experience and knowledge of on-site consulting. Become part of the Implementation HUB Find Your Expert network - the upcoming match-making platform for the industry.

Solution partner

Our Approved Solution Partners are linked to the ZDHC data infrastructure via an API and seamlessly connect to the unique ZDHC platforms. Approved InCheck Providers are enabled to generate performance reports with the ZDHC Gateway. These reports are reflecting supplier facility’s chemical inventory conforms to the standards of the ZDHC MRSL.


ZDHC trainings are provided in partnership with vetted and approved ZDHC Accredited Training Providers that are organisations and trainers who have passed a rigorous selection process in terms of experience, expertise and didactics. The ZDHC Academy coordinates the workflow of the Trainers and manages the training participants. The trainers provide training in local languages and on-site, as well as in customised online courses.

Baseline InCheck Verifiers

Approved Baseline InCheck Verifiers support suppliers in establishing a verified report of their chemical inventory.
The Application phase will open in late 2020.

From our director

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Christina Raab
director, Implementation Hub

Benefits of being an Implementation Partner

  • Access to ZDHC Gateway infrastructure
    (subject to contract)
  • Knowledge base - Data sharing
  • Exclusive implementation expert network Government initiative support
  • Access to brand customer base
  • Global facility community
  • Listing on “Find Your Expert” platform
  • Co-creation of Roadmap to Zero guidelines
  • Access to exclusive events

Application criteria

This is what you need to become an Implementation Partner

In order to become an Accredited Expert, the organisation and the individual experts within the organisation must fulfill the following criteria.

The organisation must have existing track record of services that support the goal of ZDHC with a minimum of 3 years proven experience in conducting technical consultancy in the textile, apparel, leather and footwear manufacturing sector.

All Experts must communicate in the local language of the country which the Expert operates. English is required for Programme business communication purposes.

Organisations that qualify to be Accredited Training Providers must prove that they have training experience in the textile, footwear and leather goods manufacturing sector. To qualify for generalist training modules a minimum of 3 years training experience in similar topics is required.

To qualify for specialist training modules a minimum 8 years proven track record in organising similar trainings is required.

Solution Providers must meet integrity and compliance standards that enable them to commit to a data sharing agreement with ZDHC. To ensure data quality the Implementation HUB will run a due-diligence check and have a look into customer and staff training approaches.

Solution Providers are required to connect via REST-based API to our infrastructure.

Application process

Everything narrowed down to simple steps

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