A successful implementation in india

A step-by-step approach was taken to this implementation Project.

Nahar Industrial Enterprises LTD (NIEL) is a vertically-integrated textile production facility whose operations include spinning, weaving and processing. The company, also a ZDHC Contributor, sought support to implement ZDHC's Chemical Management Guidelines. This was part of an effort to meet ZDHC's goals in their India-based production units.   

A step-by-step approach was taken to this implementation Project. A Baseline assessment was created, in accordance with the ZDHC Chemical Management Guidelines. Two of NIEL's production units could then identify improvement areas. An onsite set-up was created to offer hand-holding support during the implementation. Offsite support and an implementation review were also provided. In addition, tailored training workshops were offered for technical staff and workers during the baseline assessment visit.

Together with the Implementation Hub NIEL could start the process of incorporating ZDHC's Chemical Management guidelines by:

•   Developing a chemical management team with assigned roles and responsibilities

•   Creating a chemical management manual for its facilities

•   Establishing a facility chemical management policy

•   Documenting the chemical inventory

•   Upgrading purchasing policies for raw materials and chemicals

•   Improving the monitoring system for chemical management

•   Understanding and implementing proper storage and handling practices

In addition to the positive results expected by NIEL, there were other unexpected benefits. The company experienced a positive impact on its corporate image. A significant reduction in rejections and non-conformances is another positive outcome, which will increase their productivity and profitability over time.

This partnership with the Implementation HUB (working closely with Dr. Prasad Pant) and their Chemical Management Guidelines has put Nahar Industrial Enterprises in an advantageous position. The company now stands alongside its client leaders as a partner in best practice for product and environmental safety.

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