In Italy, an impressive collaboration was put in place between a group of ZDHC Contributors (Process Factory, Achille Pinto, Cotonificio Albini, Eurojersey) and two important suppliers (Cotonificio Cangioli and Tintoria Jacchetti). The success of this project showcases the Italian supply chain’s ability to implement the ZDHC MRSL in different scenarios. 

Various industrial processes and substrates were managed under the guidance of the Gateway Platform. The group of facilities involved are distinguished by the following characteristics:

• different processes 

• fibres 

• company sizes and types 

• production districts

Silk, cotton, wool, man-made and mixed fibres were the target of this initiative. The pilot took place in the regions of Como, Bergamo, Varese and Prato.

A series of implementation protocols were carried out by ZDHC trained Chemical Managers. They included use of the ZDHC Gateway and adoption of the related solutions. By using a root cause analysis (which proved highly valuable) and a proactive corrective action plan, the Chemical Managers successfully tackled areas of non conformance to the ZDHC MRSL. In fact, they even demonstrated a capacity to surpass ZDHC MRSL standards.

The ZDHC Implementation Pilot has been a perfect training ground for the adoption of  responsible chemical management. It also offers great potential to increase future participation in the upcoming Supplier to Zero Programme

The partnership between the five Italian suppliers has reinforced their capacity to assess their status and to overcome issues. It’s all been made possible through the use of a common platform, one which enhances collaboration throughout their supply chains.  

The facilities are now in prime position to adopt best practice innovative solutions and to achieve new, challenging environmental sustainability targets.

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