On endorsement track: Clean by Design Chemistry and Wastewater Program

Accelerating impact and driving new efficiencies for the industry

The Implementation Hub and the Apparel Impact Institute (Aii) are collaborating under the Apparel Alliance partnership in order to accelerate impact and drive new efficiencies for the industry. Based on their core competencies and complementary efforts, the organisations are forming an alliance of resources and offerings for the global value chain. A first achievement is striving for full ZDHC endorsement of the Aii Clean by Design Chemistry and Wastewater Program. 

Clean by Design Chemistry and Wastewater is a programme for wet processing facilities designed to establish best practices and procedures for improving inputs, reducing chemical use, conducting careful oversight and operations of wastewater treatment, and enabling recovery and reuse of chemicals whenever possible. The cornerstone of the Clean by Design Chemistry and Wastewater Program is a set of Ten Best Practices for Wet Processing Units that are practical, low cost and easy to implement.

Clean by Design Chemistry integrated ZDHC Guidelines, Platforms and Solutions, e.g. the ZDHC MRSL and Wastewater & Sludge Guidelines, the ZDHC Gateway and the Supplier Platform, ZDHC InCheck for inventory conformance and ZDHC ClearStream for wastewater testing. 

Facility achievements of the Clean by Design Program are already endorsed towards the ZDHC Brands to Zero Programme and support participating facilities in achieving the Supplier to Zero Progressive Level and improved scoring in the SAC Facility Environmental Module (FEM)

For more information about Clean by Design Chemistry and Wastewater Program, please visit  ​​https://apparelimpact.org/chemicalsandwastewaterprogram/ 

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