Sustainable Chemical Management in the Denim Industry

Mutual membership Transformers Foundation and ZDHC Foundation to strengthen chemical management and wastewater management education and implementation.

In 2019 the Kingpins show announced their commitment to establish future mandatory standards for exhibitors. Not only has the show decided to set sustainability protocols around social compliance, the Kingpins show is developing a sustainability protocol as well on the subject of chemical management. In collaboration with the ZDHC Foundation and Implementation Hub, the Kingpins show is defining required progress levels of ZDHC conformance and the usage of ZDHC guidelines, platforms and solutions for their denim exhibitors. These include the ZDHC Gateway, ZDHC Academy and Supplier to Zero Programme.

Both organisations are working together to provide practical improvement support for the industry and showcase best sustainable and innovative practices. The collaboration of the ZDHC Foundation and Kingpins took more shape in the beginning of 2020 by launching a series of ZDHC x Kingpins webinars to provide exhibiting mills access to the latest education in wastewater management and sustainable chemical management. The webinars are run by the ZDHC Academy and focus on the Foundations’ sustainable chemical management, Wastewater Guidelines and new developments that ZDHC is working on.

The ZDHC x Kingpins webinars are open exclusively to denim mills exhibiting at Kingpins shows in Asia, Europe and the Americas. A new round of webinars will follow in Autumn 2020. The 2 organisations have the aim to invite exhibitors of befriended denim shows to join future webinars to expand the scope of work.  

As a next step the two organisations will work together on the implementation of the ZDHC MRSL V2.0 at denim mills and organise webinars for mills about the new ZDHC Supplier to Zero Programme.

To strengthen the collaboration, the organisations have become each other's members, as of Summer 2020 the Transformers Foundation is a ZDHC Associate Contributor.

The mutual membership paves the way for more activities and actions. Amongst others expanding education and training on sustainable chemical and wastewater management in the denim industry, mutual support in educational campaigns of ZDHC and the Kingpins Transformers ED*.

*TRANSFORMERS ED is a bi-annual educational conference focusing on fashion students who are still at university and are about to enter the wider fashion industry.

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