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A Performance InCheck Report helps to verify if a manufacturing facility's chemical inventory conforms to the standards of the ZDHC MRSL. These reports are based on the chemical inventories reported by manufacturing facilities, which is done exclusively via the Approved Solution Providers listed below. More information is also provided on the approach each provider takes. Performance InCheck Reports are generated by the ZDHC Gateway to ensure a consistent evaluation process.

BVE3 by Bureau Veritas
A ZDHC recognised digital solution to analyse a chemical inventory for its compliance and to help obtain a ZDHC InCheck Report. Enables companies to understand chemical controls and helps in the mission to advance towards Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals.
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CleanChain™ is trusted by the world’s leading suppliers and brands to manage and share their chemical and wastewater information. With ZDHC’s data, standards and reporting built-in, your business is fully prepared to participate and lead in all aspects of a ZDHC implementation.
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Centrocot has been providing business solutions to the textile industry leaders for decades, evolving and adapting its laboratories to reach the highest market demands. Centrocot Training Way is an innovative system of courses and classes, specifically designed by textile professionals to meet the needs of their own industry.
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Fashion Consulting Solutions
We help companies with raising awareness, strategy development and implementing chemical management systems to help reduce restricted substances in their supply chains.
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GSM Global Sustainable Management GmbH
Capacity building, consultancy, impact assessment and online solutions to safeguard products and chemical input and output in textile and leather supply chains. Trusted by retailers and brands since 2003.
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Leadership & Sustainability
Leadership & Sustainability delivers a broad and deep spectrum of training, consulting as well as audit and verification in the sustainability area. L&S offers solutions over the entire value chain and supply chain networks for instance their SAC-related services.
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Panta Rei Srl - Water Solutions
Panta Rei Water Solutions designs, installs and carries out the start- up of water and wastewater treatment plants all over the world, from Latin America to Southeast Asia, passing through North Africa and the Middle East. Local agents and workshops, along with dedicated after sales and maintenance services are just some of the advantages.
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